Concepts and Algorithms of Optimization (WiSe 2017/2018)


This course is obligatory for the study program Operations Research and Business Analytics. It aims at making the students familiar with the basic modelling concepts, structural results, and algorithmic principles of optimization. The focus will be on discrete, linear, and convex optimization.

Post-Exam Review

Students can review their examinations (winter term 2017/18) on April, 10th from 4.30 to 5.30 pm in B02-215.

Class Hours

Lectures (Prof. V. Kaibel); Entry at LSF Tutorials (Julia Lange); Entry at LSF


Slides and Handwritten Notes

During the lectures, I am going to present some slides and to use a tablet and a beamer instead of a blackboard. Both the slides as well as the handwritten notes will be provided here in PDF after each lecture.

AMPL Models

You find the AMPL-models discussed in class here. If you prefer to download a ZIP-file containing all the files (and avoiding possible problems caused by filename extensions), you might want to download this.

Exercise Series

In the tutorials, the solutions of the tasks given in the exercise series will be presented.

The AMPL system