Extraord. Prof. Dr. Frank Werner

Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg

Institute of Mathematical Optimization

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Faculty of MathematicsOtto-von-Guericke-University,  P.O. Box 4120,  D-39016 Magdeburg,  Germany
House 02, Room 114 a,   Universitätsplatz 2,  39106 Magdeburg
  Phone  +49 391 67 52025
  Fax  +49 391 67 41171
  Email   frank.werner@mathematik.uni-magdeburg.de    or    frank.werner@ovgu.de
  Office hours:  on Wednesdays, 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. (in the lecture period)
  ResearcherID: D-5492-2013
  ORCID: 0000-0002-0709-3591
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LinkedIn (since April 2011),   ResearchGate (since July 2012),   Google+ (in English; since October 2013), Academia.edu (since September 2015),   Remote.com (since April 2016),   Kudos (since May 2016),   StayFriends (since June 2017)   and   Mendeley (since October 2017)

Current Information

October 2018: As I was told on October 29, 2018, there exists a fake profile under my name at Facebook, from which messages were sent. I am not and never was before registered at Facebook. If somebody receives a message from this fake account, this should be ignored.

October 2018: Call for Papers für einen Special Issue 'Exact and Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms' in Algorithms (Editors: Frank Werner, Larysa Burtseva, Yuri Sotskov)   (CFP);     Deadline für Einreichungen: 31. Oktober 2019.

September 2018: Call for Papers für einen Special Issue 'Graph-Theoretic Problems and Their New Applications' in Mathematics (Editor: Frank Werner)   (CFP and 1 already appeared paper)   (Flyer);   Deadline für Einreichungen: 31. Januar 2020.

May 2018: Call for Papers for a Special Issue 'Discrete Optimization: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications' in Mathematics (Editor: Frank Werner)   (CFP and 12 already appeared papers)   (Flyer);   Deadline for submissions 28 February 2019.

April 2018: Best Paper Award for the paper 'A Dynamic Model and an Algorithm for Short-Term Supply Chain Scheduling in the Smart Factory Industry 4.0' by Dmitry Ivanov, Alexandre Dolgui, Boris Sokolov, Frank Werner, Marina Ivanova, published in International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 54, No. 2, 2016, 386 - 402 (zertificate).

March 2018: Call for Papers for an Open Invited Track 'Planning and Scheduling of Manufacturing Processes' at the 9th IFAC/IEEE/IEE/IFIP/IFORS Conference on Manufacturing Modelling, Management, and Control (Track Chairs: Frank Werner, Olga Battaia, Alexander Lazarev)   (CFP);   Deadline for submissions: 15 December 2018.

Oktober 2017: The Ebook 'Mathematics of Economics and Business' has now been added to the open archive and can be freely downloaded e.g. under Taylor & Francis Group.

September 2017: Call for Papers for a Special Issue 'Algorithms for Scheduling Problems' in Algorithms (Editors: Frank Werner, Larysa Burtseva, Yuri Sotskov)   (CFP and 12 appeared papers)   (Flyer);   Deadline for submissions: February 28, 2018.

April 2016: Announcement of a new book: Frank Werner: A Refresher Course in Mathematics, Bookboon Publishers, to appear: May 10, 2016 (Table of Contents;   Preface) (this book is ad-supported and can be FREELY DOWNLOADED from the website of the publisher: download). The book contains 247 worked examples, 122 exercises for independent practicing and 62 figures (link for discussions on LinkedIn).
The questions of a multiple choice self-test related to the contents of the book can be found under MC self-test: questions), and the answers to the questions can be found under MC self-test: answers .

September 2013: Announcement of a new book: Yuri N. Sotskov, Frank Werner (eds.): Sequencing and Scheduling with Inaccurate Data, Nova Science Publishers, January 2014 (Picture and Preface as well as Information at Publisher's Website)

July 2010: Monograph 'Scheduling under Uncertainty: Theory and Algorithms' (Yuri Sotskov, Nadezhda Sotskova, Tsung-Chyan Lai, Frank Werner), Belarusian Science, Minsk, 2010, 326 pages, ISBN 978-985-08-1173-8, is ready   (download pdf; paperback book at production cost available at the book store Coppenrath & Boeser, contact: coppenrath.uni.md@t-online.de or under http://www.coppenrath-boeser.de).

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