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Minimizing Total Flow Time in a Two-Machine Flowshop Problem with Minimum Makespan

by Gupta, J.N.D., Neppalli, V.R., Werner, F..

Series: 1997-21, Preprints

90B35 Scheduling theory, deterministic

This paper considers the two-machine flowshop scheduling problem
where it is desired to find a minimum total flow time schedule subject to
the condition that the makespan of the schedule is minimum. In view of
the NP-hardness of the problem, two polynomially solvable cases are iden-
tified and solved. Based on the analysis of the problem characteristics,
several existing results are extended to develop two optimization algo-
rithms for the problem. Further, several polynomial heuristic solution
algorithms are developed and empirically evaluated as to their effective-
ness in finding an optimal schedule for the problem.

flowshop scheduling, hierarchical criteria, dominance conditions,heuristic algorithms, empirical evaluation

This paper was published in:
International Journal of Production Economics 69, 2001, 323 - 338.