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Parameter Estimation in Renewal Processes with Imperfect Repair

by Gasmi, S., Kahle, W..

Series: 1997-22, Preprints

60K10 Applications (reliability, demand theory, etc.)
60K05 Renewal theory
62F10 Point estimation

this paper we develop statistical methods for a general repair model from Last
and Szekli (1995).
For determining the model parameters the maximum likelihood estimator is consid-
ered. Special results are obtained by the use of Pareto, Log--linear and Weibull--type
intensities. Estimations for the degree of repair in a simple model are developed.

perfect repair, imperfect repair, minimal repair, point processes, Weibulltype intensities, Pareto type intensities, Log--linear type intensities, renewal process,maximum likelihood estimator.