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Ein ebenes Freistrahlproblem bei näherungsweiser Erfassung der Schwerkraftwirkung

by Richter, H..

Series: 1998-21, Preprints

76B10 Jets and cavities, cavitation, free-streamline theory, water-entry problems, airfoil and hydrofoil theory, sloshing

The potential flow problem with a free streamline has been solved by transformation in a modified hodograph plan. The velocity on the free streamline the form of which is unknown is supposed to follow an exponential function. Schwarz-Christoffel mappings have to be constructed in order to take up the inverse transformation to the flow plan. The solution of the problem is presented in an integral representation. Earlier results without consideration of gravity are refound as special cases [9].

Potential flow, complex potential, Schwarz-Christoffel transformation.