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Scheduling with Common Due Date, Earliness and Tardiness Penalties for Multi-Machine Problems: A Survey

by Lauff, V., Werner, F..

Series: 2003-10, Preprints

90B35 Scheduling theory, deterministic

The just-in-time production philosophy has led to a growing interest in scheduling
problems considering both earliness and tardiness penalties. Most publications considering these so-called non-regular objective functions are
devoted to single machine problems. In the case of multi-machine problems, there are some papers dealing with parallel machine problems.
However, for multi-operation scheduling problems such as
shop scheduling problems, investigations have begun only recently. In this paper,
inspired by recent own work (partly yet unpublished), we survey
some results on multi-machine scheduling problems with a given common due date,
where the focus is on possible approaches for shop scheduling problems.

Multi-machine problems, common due date, nonregular criteria, earliness-tardiness penalties

This paper was published in:
Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Vol. 40, No. 5 - 6, 2004, 637 - 655.