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Simulation of Multicomponent Flows Using High Order Central Schemes

by Shamsul Qamar, Gerald Warnecke.

Series: 2003-11, Preprints

65M99 None of the above, but in this section
65Y20 Complexity and performance of numerical algorithms

This paper is concerned with numerical methods for the conservative extension of the classical Euler
equations to multicomponent flows. We use high-resolution central
schemes to solve these equations. The equilibrium states for each component
are coupled in space and time to have a common temperature and velocity.
Usually conservative Euler solvers for the gas mixtures produces nonphysical
oscillations near contact discontinuities, if the temperature and the ratio of specific heats
both are not constant there. However in the schemes considered here the oscillations near the
interfaces are negligible. The schemes also guarantee the exact mass
conservation for each component and the exact conservation of total momentum
and energy in the whole particle system. The central schemes are robust, reliable,
compact and easy to implement. Several one- and two-dimensional numerical
test cases are included in this paper, which validates the application of these
schemes to multicomponent flows

hyperbolic systems, multicomponent flows, central schemes, high order accuracy.