Zur├╝ck zu den Preprints des Jahres 2003


Monte Carlo simulation of Boltzmann equation in Space Plasma at high latitude

by Barghouthi, I., Qatanani, N., Allan, F..

Series: 2003-20, Preprints

65C05 Monte Carlo methods
76P05 Rarefied gas flows, Boltzmann equation

The Monte Carlo method was shown to be a very powerful technique in
solving Boltzmann┬┤s equation by particle simulation. Its simple concept,
straightforward algorithm, and its adaptability to include new features
(such as, gravity, electric field, geomagnetic field, and different collision
models) make it useful tool in spce plasma physics, and a powerful test of
results obtained with other mathematical methods. We have used Monte
Carlo method to solve Boltzmann equation, which describes the motion of
a minor ion in a background ions. We have computed the minor
ion velocity distribution function, drift velocity, density, Temperatures and
heat fluxes. As an application, Monte Carlo simulation method has been
adapted to determine the O+ velocity distribution function, O+ density,
O+ drift velocity, O+ temperatures, and O+ heat fluxes for Coulomb Milne

Monte Carlo simulation, Boltzmann equation, Milne problem, Coulomb collision, Space Plasma