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LiSA - A Library of Scheduling Algorithms

by Bräsel,H., Dornheim,L., Kutz,S., Mörig,M., Rössling,I..

Series: 2003-34, Preprints

90B35 Scheduling theory, deterministic

This report reflects the current results in the development of the software package ,LiSA - A Library of Scheduling Algorithms'. The scientific work of the research group was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Land Sachsen-Anhalt in the projects 'Latin Rectangles in Scheduling Theory' (October 1997 - September 1999) and 'LiSA - A Library of Scheduling Algorithms' (November 1999 - October 2001). Within these projects four degree dissertations, three dissertations and one professional dissertation were produced.
LiSA is a software package for solving deterministic scheduling problems. In the version 2.3 LiSA is now prepared for cooperative development. The report gives an overview on the obtained results. Each newcomer will find necessary information how to work with LiSA, each advancer can use this report as reference book.
The LiSA-team, the goals of LiSA, the license and the technical background of the software package are described. A short introduction into the used classification and models is given. An overview on the available algorithms is contained, which can be also used outside of LiSA. An example illustrates how LiSA is working. The LiSA file structure is explained and it is described in detail, how new algorithms can be inserted. Finally, the components of the cooperative development are explained.