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Intermediate integer programming representations using value disjunctions

by Köppe, Matthias, Louveaux, Quentin, Weismantel, Robert.

Series: 2006-50, Preprints

90C10 Integer programming

We introduce a general technique to create an extended formulation of a mixed-integer program. We classify the integer variables into blocks, each of which generates a finite set of vector values. The extended formulation is constructed by creating a new binary variable for each generated value. Initial experiments show that the extended formulation can have a more compact complete description than the original formulation.

We prove that, using this reformulation technique, the facet description decomposes into one ``linking polyhedron'' per block and the ``aggregated polyhedron''. Each of these polyhedra can be analyzed separately. For the case of identical coefficients in a block, we provide a complete description of the linking polyhedron and a polynomial-time separation algorithm. Applied to the knapsack with a fixed number of distinct coefficients, this theorem provides a complete description in an extended space with a polynomial number of variables.