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Numerical simulation of isothermal drying in poropus media with efficient time stepping strategies

by Nadupuri, S.K, Warnecke, G., Metzger, Th., Veerappa Gowda, G.D..

Series: 2007-30, Preprints

65N40 Method of lines
35K55 Nonlinear parabolic equations

This paper is focussed on the efficient numerial computation of a scalar and coupled quasilinear diffential equations of parabolic type. These equations govern the isothermal drying of porous media [16]. The complete system consist of two privary variables along with 19 dependent variables which are solution dependent. A local change of drying states causes local steep gradients which restrict the time step size in those local regions. First, we prsent the physical behaviour of some variables through the numerical simulation in the one dimensional case. Next, we study the importance of time stepping stepping strategies to such problems like partitioning and local time stepping. Finally, we give the results in the two dimenstional case using dimensional splitting.

Isothermal drying, porous media, finite volume method, dimensional splitting implicit methods, partitioning, local time stepping.