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A Short Proof of the VPN Tree Routing Conjecture on Ring Networks

by Grandoni, F., Kaibel, V., Oriolo, V., Skutella, M..

Series: 2007-34, Preprints

90C27 Combinatorial optimization

The VPN Tree Routing Conjecture states that there always exists an optimal solution to the symmetric Virtual Private Network Design (sVPND) problem where the paths between all terminals form a tree. Only recently, Hurkens, Keijsper, and Stougie gave a proof of this conjecture for the special case of ring networks. Their proof is based on a dual pair of linear programs and is somewhat in- volved. We present a short proof of a slightly stronger conjecture which might also turn out to be useful for proving the VPN Tree Routing Conjecture for general networks.

telecommunication networks, virtual private networks, routing