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Reconstructing Extended Petri Nets

by M. Durzinsky, W. Marwan, A. Wagler.

Series: 2010-19, Preprints

92B99 None of the above, but in this section
68R05 Combinatorics

The aim of this work is to extend a previously presented algorithm for the reconstruction of standard place/transition Petri nets from time-series of experimental data sets. This previously reported method finds provably all networks capable to reproduce the experimental observations. In this paper we enhance this approach to generate extended Petri nets involving mechanisms formally corresponding to catalytic or inhibitory dependencies that mediate the involved reactions. The new algorithm delivers the set of all extended Petri nets being consistent with the time-series data used for reconstruction. It is illustrated using the phosphate regulatory network of enterobacteria as a case study.

reverse engineering, Petri nets, control arcs