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An Integrated Approach for Maintenance and Delivery Scheduling in Military Supply Chains

by Tsadikovich, D.; Levner, E.; Tell, H.; Werner, F..

Series: 2015-20, Preprints

90B35 Scheduling theory, deterministic
90C11 Mixed integer programming

This paper focuses on an integrated demand-responsive scheduling of operations within a two-echelon military supply network consisting of maintenance and transportation operations during peacetime. The paper emphasizes on the continuous operation of military's training facilities. Integration of operations is carried out by embedding an additional intermediary (command) module into the maintenance-transportation model. We analyze two performance measures: time of response (defining the system's ability to react speedily to military requirements) and military effectiveness (which defines the ability of the military supply network to deliver the right product at the right time). Using integer programming techniques combined with a heuristic algorithm, we derive a new method for coordinating maintenance and transportation operations in military supply networks. The standard simulation tool ARENA 11.0 is used to implement the integrated scheduling/planning method. The results of a computational experiment are presented.

Integrated scheduling, Heuristics, Simulation, Routing, Military supply network