Preprints des Jahres 2003

2003-44Conchita Martínez-Pérez, Wolfgang Willems
Is the class of cyclic codes good?
MSC: 94B15, 20C15
2003-43Volker John, Songul Kaya
Finite Element Error Analysis and Implementation of a Variational Multiscale Method for the Navier-Stokes Equations
MSC: 65M60
2003-42Juhnke, F.
Bounds of the affine breadth eccentricity of convex bodies via semi-infinite optimization
MSC: 52A20,52A40,90C34
(Published in: Beitraege zur Algebra und Geometrie / Contributions to algebra and geometry)
2003-41Risch, U.
Superconvergence of a nonconforming low order finite element
MSC: 65N30, 65N12
2003-40Blazewicz, J., Pesch, E., Sterna, M., Werner, F.
Revenue Management in a Job-Shop: A Dynamic Programming Approach
MSC: 90B35
(Published in: Journal of Schedulin)
2003-39Bey, Ch.
A spectral decomposition formula in the Johnson scheme
MSC: 05C65, 05E30
2003-38Bey, Ch.
On cross intersecting families of sets
MSC: 05D05
2003-37Bey, Ch.
Remarks on an edge isoperimetric problem
MSC: 05C35, 05C65
2003-36Bessenrodt, Ch., Behns, Ch.
On the Durfee size of Kronecker products of characters of the symmetric group and its double covers
MSC: 20C25,20C30
2003-35Bocian, R., Holm, T., Skowronski, A.
The representation dimension of domestic weakly symmetric algebras
MSC: 16D50, 16E10, 16G60, 18E30
2003-34Bräsel,H., Dornheim,L., Kutz,S., Mörig,M., Rössling,I.
LiSA - A Library of Scheduling Algorithms
MSC: 90B35
2003-33Deckelnick, K., Dziuk, G., Elliott, C.M.
Fully discrete semi-implicit second order splitting for anisotropic surface diffusion of graphs
MSC: 65N30, 35K55
2003-32Henk, M.
Free planes in lattice sphere packings
MSC: 52C07, 11H31
2003-31Holm, Thorsten
The representation dimension of Schur algebras: the tame case
MSC: 16G10, 16E10, 16G60, 20G05
2003-30Inderfurth, K., Kovalyov, M.Y., Ng, C.T.D., Werner, F.
Cost Minimizing Scheduling of Work and Rework Processes on a Single Facility under Deterioration of Reworkables
MSC: 90B35, 90B06, 90B30
(Published in: International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 105, No. 2, 2007, 345 - 356.)
2003-29Kunik, M.
Eine Seminarausarbeitung des Satzes von Wiener Ikehara mit Anwendung auf den Primzahlsatz
MSC: 11A41, 11M06
2003-28Knobloch, P., Tobiska, L.
On Korn's first inequality for quadr
MSC: 65N12, 65N30, 65N15
2003-27Bosse, Hartwig, Grötschel, Martin, Henk, Martin
Polynomial inequalities representing polyhedra
MSC: 52B11, 14P10, 90C27
2003-26Müller-Gronbach, Thomas
Best Rates of Convergence for Strong Approximation of SDE's at a Single Point
MSC: 60H20, 60H10
(Published in: Annals of Applied Probability, Vol. 14, No. 4, 2004)
2003-25Qatanani, N., Schulz, M.
Preconditioned conjugate gradient method for three-dimensional non-convex enclosure geometries with diffuse and grey surfaces
MSC: 45B05, 65R20, 65N38, 65N22
2003-24Deckelnick,K., Elliott,C.M.
Uniqueness and error analysis for Hamilton-Jacobi equations with discontinuities
MSC: 35F30, 35R05, 65N15
2003-23Weißbach, B.
Was mir nicht gelang
MSC: 51M04
2003-22Lukacova-Medvidova, M., Warnecke, G., Zahaykah, Y.
On the boundary conditions for EG-methods applied to the two-dimensional wave equation system
MSC: 35L05, 65M06
2003-21Lukacova-Medvidova, M., Warnecke, G., Zahaykah, Y.
Third order finite volume evolution Galerkin (FVEG) methods for two-dimensional wave equation system
MSC: 35L05, 65M06
2003-20Barghouthi, I., Qatanani, N., Allan, F.
Monte Carlo simulation of Boltzmann equation in Space Plasma at high latitude
MSC: 65C05, 76P05
2003-19Matthies, G., Skrzypacz, P., Tobiska, L.
Superconvergence of a 3d finite
MSC: 65N30, 65N12, 65N15
2003-18Kunik, M., Qamar, S., Warnecke, G.
Second Order Accurate Kinetic Schemes for the Ultra-Relativistic Euler Equations
MSC: 65M99, 76Y05
2003-17Qatanani, N., Schulz, M.
On the Fredholm ontegral equation for the two-and three-dimensional heat radiation problem.
MSC: 45B05, 65R20, 65F10, 65N38
2003-16R. Bocian, Th. Holm, A. Skowronski
Derived equivalence classification of weakly symmetric algebras of Euclidean type
MSC: 16D50, 18E30, 16G10, 16G60, 16G70
2003-15E.Girlich, M.Höding, A.Horbach
Regular Delta-path inequalities for the k-cycle polytope
MSC: 90C27
2003-14Nikulin Y.
Stability and accuracy functions in vector combinatorial optimization problem
MSC: 90C27, 90C29
2003-13Dunca, A., John, V.
Finite element error analysis of space averaged flow fields defined by a differential filter
MSC: 65N30, 76D05
2003-12Tang, H., Warnecke, G.
A Class of High Resolution schemes for Hyperbolic conservation laws and Convection-Diffusion equations with varying time and space grids
MSC: 35L65, 65M06, 65M99
2003-11Shamsul Qamar, Gerald Warnecke
Simulation of Multicomponent Flows Using High Order Central Schemes
MSC: 65M99, 65Y20
2003-10Lauff, V., Werner, F.
Scheduling with Common Due Date, Earliness and Tardiness Penalties for Multi-Machine Problems: A Survey
MSC: 90B35
(Published in: Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Vol. 40, No. 5 - 6, 2004, 637 - 655.)
2003-09Grunau, Hans-Christoph, Kuehnel, Marco
On the existence of Hermitian-harmonic maps from complete Hermitian to complete Riemannian manifolds
MSC: 53C42, 35J60, 35K55
(Published in: Math. Z. 249 , 297-327 (2005).)
2003-08Andrianov, N., Warnecke, G.
On the solution to the Riemann problem for the compressible duct flow
MSC: 35L65, 35L67, 76N99
2003-07Andrianov, N., Warnecke, G.
The Riemann problem for the Baer-Nunziato model of two-phase flows
MSC: 35L65,35L67
2003-06Kunik, M., Shamsul, Q., Warnecke, G.
A reduction of the Boltzmann-Peierls Equation
MSC: 65M99,76Y05
2003-05Heide Gluesing-Luerssen, Wiland Schmale
On Cyclic Convolutional Codes
MSC: 94B10, 94B15, 16S36
2003-04Kunik, M., Shamsul, Q., Warnecke, G.
A BGK-type Flux-vector Splitting Scheme for the Ultra-relativistic Euler Equations
MSC: 65M99,65Y20
2003-03Willems, W.
On degrees of irreducible Brauer characters
MSC: 20C20, 20C33
2003-02Graßhoff, U., Schwabe, R.
On the analysis of paired observations
MSC: 62J10,62J15
2003-01Thorsten Holm
Representation dimension of some tame blocks of finite groups
MSC: 20C05, 16G10, 16G60, 16E10
(Published in: Algebra Colloq. 10, No.3, (2003), 275-284)