Preprints des Jahres 2009

2009-43Conchita Martínez-Pérez and Wolfgang Willems
Involutions, cohomology and metabolic spaces
MSC: 20C20,20C15,20J06
2009-42Aliev, I., Henk, M.
On feasibility of integer knapsacks
MSC: 90C10,90C27, 11H06
2009-41Henk, M., Linke, E., Wills, J. M.
Minimal zonotopes containing the crosspolytope
MSC: 52C07,11H06
(Published in: to appear in linear algebra and its applications)
2009-40Henk, M., Aliev, I., Hinrichs, A.
Expected frobenius numbers
MSC: 11H06,11D85,90C10
(Published in: to appear in journal of combinatorial theory, series a)
2009-39Henk, M., Hernández Cifre, M. A.
Coverings and compressed Lattices
MSC: 52C07, 11H06
(Published in: to appear in special issue on tesselations of ''symmetry: culture and science'')
2009-38Gafarov, E.R., Lazarev, A.A., Werner, F.
Algorithms for Maximizing the Number of Tardy Jobs or Total Tardiness on a Single Machine
MSC: 90B35
(Published in: Automation and Remote Control, Vol. 71, No. 10, 2010, 2070 - 2084 (under the title: Algorithms for Some Maximization Problems on a Single Machine; Russian version in Avtomatika i Telemekhanika, No. 10, 2010, 63 - 79).)
2009-37Graßhoff, U., Großmann, H., Holling, H., Schwabe, R.
Optimal Design for Discrete Choice Experiments
MSC: 62K05, 62P25, 62J12
2009-36Holm, E., Torres, L.M., Wagler, A.
On the Chvatal-rank of linear relaxations of the stable set polytope
MSC: 90C27, 52B99, 05C70
2009-35Giri, A.K., Kumar, J., Warnecke, G.
Convergence analysis of sectional methods for solving aggregation population balance equations: The fixed pivot technique
MSC: 45J05, 65R20, 45L10
2009-34Giri, A.K., Kumar, J., Warnecke, G.
Uniqueness for the Coagulation-Fragmentation Equation with Strong Fragmentation
MSC: 45J05, 34A34, 45L10
2009-33A.K. Giri, J. Kumar, G. Warnecke
THe Continuous Coagulation Equation with Multiple Fragmentation
MSC: 45J05, 34A34, 45L10
2009-32Deckelnick, K., Hinze,M.
Variational discretization of parabolic control problems in the presence of pointwise state constraints
MSC: 49J20, 49K20, 35B37
2009-31Kravchenko, S.A., Werner, F.
Parallel Machine Problems with Equal Processing Times: A Survey
MSC: 90B35
2009-30Durzinsky, M., Wagler, A., Weismantel, R.
An algorithmic framework for network reconstruction
MSC: 92B99, 68R05
(Published in: Theoretical Computer Science)
2009-29Torres, L. M., Wagler, A. K.
Encoding the dynamics of deterministic systems
MSC: 68Q90, 05C65, 05C75
2009-28Mielke, T., Schwabe, R.
Some Considerations on the Fisher Information in Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
MSC: 62K05, 62J12
2009-27Graßhoff, U., Holling, H., Schwabe, R.
Optimal Designs for Linear Logistic Test Models
MSC: 62K05, 62P25, 62J12
2009-26Graßhoff, U., Doebler, A., Holling, H., Schwabe, R.
Optimal Design for Linear Regression Models in the Presence of Heteroscedasticity Caused by Random Coefficients
MSC: 62K05, 62J05
2009-24Schieweck, F.
A stable discontinuous Galerkin-Petrov time discretization of higher order
MSC: 65M60, 65M12, 65M15
2009-23Deckelnick, K., Schieweck, F.
Error analysis for the approximation of axisymmetric Willmore flow by C1-elements
MSC: 35K60, 65M15, 65M60
2009-22Kravchenko, S.A., Werner, F.
Minimizing a Separable Convex Function on Parallel Machines with Preemptions
MSC: 90B35, 68Q25, 90C05
2009-20Kaibel, Volker, Peinhardt, Matthias, Pfetsch, Marc
Orbitopal Fixing
MSC: 90C10
2009-19Tobiska, Lutz, Eichel, Hagen
Supercloseness and superconvergence of stabilized low order finite element discretization of the Stokes Problem
MSC: 65N30, 76D07
2009-18Tobiska, Lutz, Winkel, Christian
The two-level local projection stabilization as an enriched on-level approach. A on-dimensional study
MSC: 65N12, 65L10, 65N30
2009-17Gazzola, F., Grunau, H.-Ch., Sweers, G.
Optimal Sobolev and Hardy-Rellich constants under Navier boundary conditions
MSC: 46E35, 26D10, 35J55
2009-16Deckelnick, K., Hinze, M.
A note on the approximation of elliptic control problems with bang-bang controls
MSC: 49J20, 49K20, 35B37
2009-15Stefka Bouyuklieva, Anton Malevich, Wolfgang Willems
Automorphisms of extremal codes
MSC: 94B05, 20B25
2009-14Bergner, M, Dall'Acqua, A, Fröhlich, S.
Symmetric Willmore surfaces of revolution satisfying natural boundary conditions
MSC: 49Q10, 53C42, 35J65, 34L30
2009-13Wolf, J.
On the boundary regularity of suitable weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations
MSC: 35Q30, 35D10
2009-12Großmann, H., Schwabe, R., Gilmour, S.
Some New Designs for First-order Interactions in 2K Paired Comparison Experiments
MSC: 62K05, 62J15
2009-11Mielke, T.
Sparse Sampling D-Optimal Designs in Quadratic Regression With Random Effects
MSC: 62K05, 62J05
2009-08Roth, K.
Adaptive Designs for Dose Escalation Studies
MSC: 62K05, 62L05, 62P10
2009-07Graßhoff, U., Holling, H., Schwabe, R.
On Optimal Design for a Heteroscedastic Model Arising from Random Coefficients
MSC: 62K05, 62J05
2009-06Bolshakova, I., Kovalev, M., Girlich, E.
Portfolio Optimization Problems: A Survey
MSC: 90C27
2009-05Grunau, H.-Ch.
Nonlinear questions in clamped plate models
MSC: 35J65, 35J40, 49Q10, 53C42
2009-04Gorenflo, N., Kunik, M.
A new and self-contained presentation of the theory of boundary operators for slit diffraction and their logarithmic approximations
MSC: 78A45, 42A50, 45E10, 45H05
2009-03Gribkovskaia, I., Kovalev, S., Werner, F.
Lot-Sizing for an Imperfect Continuous Production on Two Machines
MSC: 90B30, 90B06
(Published in: Omega, Vol. 38, No. 6, 522 - 527 (under the title: Batching for Work and Rework Processes on Dedicated Machines to Minimize the Makespan))
2009-02Deckelnick, K., Grunau, H.-Ch.
A Navier boundary value problem for Willmore surfaces of revolution
MSC: 53C42, 34B15, 35J65, 35B32
2009-01Achill Schürmann
Enumerating perfect forms
MSC: 11H55, 20G20, 90C99