Preprints des Jahres 2011

2011-36Vakhania, N.; Werner, F.
A Combinatorial Approximation Algorithm for Selecting the Gate Sizes from Finite Sets in VLSI Circuits
MSC: 90B50, 90C27
2011-35Baptiste, Ph.; Kovalyov, M.Y.; Orlovich, Y.L.; Werner, F.; Zverovich, I.E.
Graphs with Maximal Induced Matchings of the Same Size
MSC: 68Q15, 05C70, 05C75
2011-34Barrett, J.W.; Deckelnick, K.
Existence and approximation of a nonlinear degenerate parabolic system modelling acid-mediated tumour invasion
MSC: 35K55, 35K65, 65M12, 65M60
2011-33Vakhania, N.; Werner, F.
Solving Efficiently a Special Case of Scheduling Jobs on Unrelated Machines to Minimize the Makespan
MSC: 90B35
2011-32Vakhania, N.; Werner, F.
A Polynomially Solvable Case of a Single Machine Scheduling Problem When the Maximal Job Processing Time is a Constant
MSC: 90B35, 68Q25
2011-31Werner, F.
Genetic Algorithms for Shop Scheduling Problems: A Survey
MSC: 90B35
2011-30Mielke, T.
Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models: Approximations of the Fisher Information and Design
MSC: 62K05, 62J02
2011-29Matthies, G., Tobiska, L.
A two-level local projection stabilisation on uniformly refined triangular meshes
MSC: 65N12, 65N30, 65N15
(Published in: Numerical Algorithm)
2011-28Kaibel, V.; Loos, A.
Finding Descriptions of Polytopes via Extended Formulations and Liftings
MSC: 90C10, 52B12
2011-27Soumaya, M.; Schwabe, R.
D-Optimal Design for a Seemingly Unrelated Linear Model
MSC: 62K05, 62H12
2011-26Prus, M.; Schwabe, R.
Optimal Designs for Individual Prediction in Random Coefficient Regression Models
MSC: 62K05
2011-25de la Cruz, J.; Willems, W.
5-designs related to binary extremal self-dual codes of length 24m
MSC: 94B05, 94C30, 05B05
2011-24Kaibel, V.; Pashkovich, K.; Theis, D. O.
Symmetry matters for sizes of extended formulations
MSC: 90C10
2011-23Matthies, G.; Schieweck, F.
Higher order variational time discretizations for nonlinear systems of ordinary differential equations
MSC: 65M12, 65M60
2011-22Mielke, T.
Approximation of the Fisher Information and Design in Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models
MSC: 62K05, 62J02
2011-21Gorenflo, N.; Kunik, M.
On energy conditions for electromagnetic diffraction by apertures.
MSC: 78A25, 78A45, 46E35, 45E10, 35S05
2011-20Kunik, M.
Charakterisierung der Riemannschen Hypothese mit Hilfe eines Hilbertschen Folgenraumes
MSC: 11F66
2011-19Wheeler, Glen
On the curve diffusion flow of plane curves
MSC: 35G25
2011-17Kaibel, V.; Loos, A.
Branched Polyhedral Systems
MSC: 90C10, 52B12
2011-16Kaibel, V.
Basic Polyhedral Theory
MSC: 90C10, 52B12
2011-15Kaibel, V.
Extended Formulations in Combinatorial Optimization
MSC: 90C10, 52B12
2011-14Kaibel, V.; Pashkovich, K.
Constructing extended formulations from reflection relations
MSC: 90C10, 52B12
2011-13Liu, Yanjun; Willems, Wolfgang
Finite groups with exactly two p-blocks for p odd
MSC: 20C20 , 20C15, 20D08
2011-12Sotskov, Y.N.; Egorova, N.G.; Lai, T.-C.; Werner, F.
The Stability Box in Interval Data for Minimizing the Sum of Weighted Completion Times
MSC: 90B35, 90C31
2011-11Ganesan, S.; Tobiska, L.
An operator-splitting finite element method for the efficient parallel solution of multi-dimensional population balance systems
MSC: 65M60, 65Y20
2011-10Bouyuklieva,Stefka; Willems,Wolfgang
Singly-even self-dual codes with minimal shadow
MSC: 94B05, 94B65
2011-09Dall'Acqua, A.; Fournais, S.; Ostergaards Sorensen, T.; Stockmeyer, E.
Real analyticity away from the nucleus of pseudorelativistic Hartree-Fock orbitals
MSC: 81V45
2011-06Dall'Acqua, A.
Uniqueness for the Homogeneous Dirichlet Willmore boundary value problem
MSC: 35G25
2011-05Ahmed, N.; Matthies, G.; Tobiska, L.
Finite element methods of an operator splitting applied to population balance equations
MSC: 65M12, 65M60, 65M15
2011-04Ganesan, S.; Tobiska, L.
Implementation of an operator-splitting finite element method for high-dimensional parabolic problems
MSC: 65M60, 65Y20, 35K20
2011-03Deckelnick, K; Hinze, M.
Identification of matrix parameters in elliptic PDEs
MSC: 49J20, 49K20, 35B37
2011-02Gazzola, F., Grunau, H.-Ch., Squassina, M.
Existence and nonexistence results for critical growth biharmonic elliptic equations
MSC: 35J65, 35J40, 58E05
2011-01Juhnke, D., Tobiska, L.
A local projection type stabilization with exponential enrichments applied to one-dimensional advection-diffusion equations
MSC: 65L20, 35B25, 65L60