Preprints des Jahres 2014

2014-12Sotskov, Y. N.; Werner, F.
A Minimal Dominant Set of Critical Paths for the Project-Network with Interval Activity Durations
MSC: 90C35
2014-11Soumaya, M.; Schwabe R.
On the Impact of Correlation on the Optimality of Product-type Designs in SUR Models
MSC: 62K05, 62H12
2014-10Graßhoff, U.; Holling, H.; Schwabe, R.
The Poisson Model with Three Binary Predictors: When are Saturated Designs Optimal?
MSC: 62K05, 62J12, 62P15
2014-07Kunik, Matthias
A scaling property of Farey fractions
MSC: 11B57, 11M06, 42B10, 42B30
2014-05Hasani, K.; Kravchenko, S.A.; Werner, F.
Scheduling Two Parallel Machines with a Single Server to Minimize Forced Idle Time
MSC: 90B35
2014-04Sotskov, Y.N.; Matsveichuk, N.M.; Werner, F.; Kasiankou, A.A.
Time Management Including Two-Machine Flowshop Scheduling with Intrval Processing Times
MSC: 90B35, 90B36
2014-03Schmidt, M; Schwabe, R.
Optimal cutpoints for random observations
MSC: 62K05
2014-02Ern, A.; Schieweck, F.
Discontinuous Galerkin method in time combined with a stabilized finite element method in space for linear first-order PDEs
MSC: 65M12, 65M60, 65J10
2014-01Hasani, K.; Kravchenko, S. A.; Werner, F.
Minimizing the Makespan for the Two-Machine Scheduling Problem with a Single Server: Two Algorithms for very Large Instances
MSC: 90B35