Preprints des Jahres 2016

2016-10Bozek, A.; Werner, F.
Models and optimization approaches for flexible job shop scheduling with lot sizing
MSC: 90B35, 90C11, 90C59
2016-10Deckelnick, K.; Styles, V.
Stability and error analysis for a diffuse interface approach to an advection-diffusion equation on a moving surface
MSC: 65M60, 35R05
2016-07Amaro-Ortega, V.; Diaz-Ramirez, A.; Flores-Rios, B. L.; Gonzalez-Navarro, F. F.; Werner, F.; Burtseva, L.
A Scheduling Scheme Extension of the Earliest Deadline First Policy for Hard Real-Time Uniprocessor Systems Integrated on POSIX Threads Based on Linux
MSC: 90B35, 68M20, 68N01, 68N25
2016-04Gholami, O.; Sotskov, Y. N.; Bakhoda, S.; Werner, F.
Heuristic algorithms to maximize the weighted revenue and weighted number of jobs processed on parallel uniform machines
MSC: 90B35
2016-02Gholami, O.; Sotskov, Y. N.; Werner, F.
Genetic algorithms for hybrid job-shop problems with minimizing the makespan and mean flow time
MSC: 90B35
2016-01Benda, N.; B├╝rkner, P.-C.; Freise, F.; Holling, H.; Schwabe, R.
Adaptive designs for quantal dose-response experiments with false answers
MSC: 62L05, 62L20, 62K05, 91E30