Complex models and advanced methods in fluid mechanics

Summer semester 2017

Complex models and advanced methods in fluid mechanics

Tue. 13:15 - 14:45 G02-20 and Wed. 09:15 - 10:45 G02-20

Computational Exercises

  1. Flow around a cylinder
  1. Power Law fluids
  1. Viscoelasticity

Lecture Agenda:

  1. Introduction
  • Review of fluid mechanics
  • Review of governing equations
  • Basic thermodynamic considerations
  1. Introduction to Non-Newtonian fluids
  • Taxonomy of Non-Newtonian models
  • Examples of Non-Newtonian effects (movies)
  1. Power-law fluids
  • Shear thickening/thinning
  • Overview of analytical results
  • Plug flow in Gascoigne
  1. Visco-elasticity
  • Modelling of visco-elasticity
  • Overview of analytical results
  • Lid driven cavity benchmark in Gascoigne
  1. Compressible fluids
  • Euler system
  • Finite Volume Method
  • Discontinuous Galerkin Method
  • Euler system with congestion


Gascoigne packages Lecture Notes J. Málek, K. R. Rajagopal, Mathematical issues concerning the Navier-Stokes equations and some of its generalizations, Handb. Differ. Equ., Evolutionary Equations, Volume 2 (2005), Elsevier/North Holland, Amsterdam, 371-459. J. Málek, Introduction to non-Newtonian fluid mechanics (lecture notes)

Piotr Minakowski
Post-doctoral Research Fellow

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.