Mathematics and Numerics of Deep Neural Networks for Physical Simulations

Christian Lessig

Thomas Richter

Date and time

The seminar will take place Thursdays 15:15-16:45. The first introductory session starts on October 14. Here we discuss possible topics and start the process of allocating these projects and topics to you. Starting mid December we plan to have first presentations of projects and talks.


In the first two weeks we will give a general introduction into the topic of using deep neural networks for simulations and the relation to differential equations.

Participation and registration

If you are interested in participating in the seminar please let us know by mail, or and register online LSF.


This seminar is a joint event of the faculties for computer science and mathematics. Students will give talks or present projects on different mathematical and numerical aspects of deep neural networks used for physical simulations. The focus can either be on the presenation of the underlying mathematical theory or on the implementation of approaches and a demonstration and ciritical discussion of the results.

Selection of Journal Papers

We collect a list of papers that possible material for seminar talks. During the first weeks of the seminar we'll give an overview and a short summary on them.