Karel Tuma

Deformation of bovine eye -- fluid structure interaction between viscoelastic vitreous, non-linear elastic lens and sclera

Although in this talk we do not deal with the cardiovascular system, we are describing another important biological system, the eye. Specifically, we study the motion of vitreous humour in a deforming eyeball. From the mechanical and computational point of view we solve a fully three-dimensional fluid structure interaction problem between a complex viscoelastic fluid (vitreous humour) and a non-linear elastic solid (sclera and lens). In order to deal with this problem, an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method is employed for the viscoelastic vitreous, the elastic parts of the eye are described in the Lagrangian setting. The task is solved for realistic parameter values and for the geometric setting close to the real situation. It is shown that the choice of the rheological model for the vitreous humour has significant impact on the mechanical stress distribution in the domain of interest.